8 de junio de 2009

Dear Brother Obama

I take the audacity to write to you, as a matter of fate that you are today a very important person such as leading the most powerful nation on earth, I remain a single Israeli citizen returning to live in the land of my ancestors and not I have more power to the world that these simple and heartfelt words.

I was really struck by your great and formidable speech to all Arab and Islamic nations of the Earth, was exciting to hear you from the city of flavors, from the Cairo, so close to where he lived and died our great teacher who brightened at Maimonides world of that time so that endures even today.

Had greatness, as the first U.S. president who dared to address the Islamic world as equals, as one of them: "Salam aleicum, I am like you, I know your pain because I understand their prayers." The twinned first U.S. president to Islam: "Although I am a Christian, I come from generations and generations of Islam, my father was from Kenya and I, of Indonesia, where he was raised by the values of Islam and then migrate to the U.S., I lived in Chicago, among Muslims, we can promise one thing: NEVER BE MORE U.S. AGAINST ISLAM"

Thankful heart that you've reaffirmed the strong ties with Israel of America, the unbreakable historical and cultural ties based on our aspirations for our country that really say it was not founded on the Holocaust and says your wrong because we are not born of the Holocaust, only felt that if something terrible. We were born, we live and we do as a nation for over 3300 years ago and long before the Islamic presence in the legendary land where today we try to live simply and be like those in biblical times.

Have a great gesture of appreciation towards our people and to recognize the obvious, obvious and evident that the Jews were persecuted for centuries and that anti-Semitism in Europe resulted in an unprecedented move as the Holocaust. I suppose that this way of trying to soften the heart and soul of the enemies of Israel to present a sincere act of constriction, repent and return to the proper path of the righteous of mankind. I very much appreciate your visit to Buchenwald, which was part of a network of camps where Jews were enslaved, tortured, gassed by the Third Reich. If leaders of the Islamic world will imitate in this, our life here in Israel would be much easier, if not a paradise.

Your says that "it is undeniable that the Palestinian people have suffered in the quest for a homeland for more than 60 years, who have endured the pain of the dislocation, which many expect in refugee camps in the West Bank, Gaza and in neighboring lands. To expect a life of peace and security have never been able to enjoy. Endure daily humiliations, large and small, from the occupation. So there is no doubt: the situation for the Palestinian people is unacceptable". We need to know that the Palestinian people there sixty years ago, was artificially created in later times by the more radical Arab nations as a spearhead to oust the Israelis from the land as a foreign body that must be removed. With the myths of the suffering of the poor and disinherited Palestinian refugees, your speech coincides dangerously with sadomasochistic thoughts of many Islamic organizations.

Your expression: "The Palestinians are suffering more than sixty years; her pain is similar to the Jews who suffered the extermination of six million innocents in the Holocaust." Are you a wise and enlightened person, but: Do not you think too much to put you in the huge pedestal of divine judge and assessor of the suffering of human beings and do terrible and unfortunate comparisons that do not come to the suffering is worse them apart and create discord that many more exist.

"That's why the Arabs should be against those who deny the Holocaust, because it produces hatred in the hearts of the Jews and go against the concessions they must make in the peace process", say that the concessions should make the Israelis to the peace process have been doing for decades and peace depends fundamentally on the recognition of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state that somehow the Islamic people are refusing to perform because their objectives are others, "to live without us."

"Israel must understand that when destroy a family Palestinian is destroying its chance to reach peace." Israel does not seek to destroy any family of any kind, not seeking anything beyond the legitimate security of its citizens. You should know that there are demons and other players in the highly specialized science, do not feel anything for that task.

Your messianic vision of reality will make you and your nation as powerful as the former Roman empire wants to impose an unnatural order, using all your money and your iron fist to force governments and peoples to be understood naturally, spontaneously and not by the imposition of brute force and a messianic that only serve to trigger more storms, more war and more suffering for Arabs, Jews and Christians alike.

Your messianic vision will Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria into a new Gaza; new, painful, repetitive experiences that these territories will inevitably end up dominated by Hamas, the Hezbollah and the Iranian ayatollahs.

Your messianic vision does not allow you to see the reality of the highly visible and palpable nuclear plans of the Islamic Republic of Iran, do deaf and unaware that approximate time of death and destruction for Israel that is demanding, you foist it faults of people suffering from causes completely unrelated and strange to him.

Abandon your self-imposed task of saving this suffering world. You are not the Messiah, nor the God of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, you are not the enlightened nations of you and although many believe so, you are simply a very flawed human being like me and all I want to continue calling on the future, my dear brother Obama.

Dr. Guido Maisuls

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